Account registration & payment limit for tax accounts

You must register your account (bank account, personal account, postgiro account or bankgiro account) to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) so you automatically receive back tax on amounts less than SEK 2,000. If you do not register an account the sum will remain in your tax account.
If the sum exceeds SEK 2,000 it is paid out automatically even if you have not registered an account on advice.
If you have tax arrears and would like to be able to pay this in instalments into your tax account, then it can be a good idea to request a payment limit on the tax account.
You can find links to the forms for the above under “Info & links”.
Payments can only be made into the Swedish Tax Agency’s bankgiro account 5050-1055.​​​​​​​
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Income tax levels 2019

Cut-off point 1: SEK 504,400 (SEK 468,700)
Cut-off point 2: SEK 703,000 (SEK 675,700)

Max sickness benefit qualifying income (SBQI 7.5 pba) SEK 372,000 (SEK 364,000)

Max parental benefit qualifying income (PBQI 10 pba) SEK 465,000 (SEK 455,000)

Max pensionable income (PI 8.07 iba) SEK 519,708 (SEK 504,375)

Price base amount SEK 46,500 (SEK 45,500)
Income base amount SEK 64,400 (SEK 62,500)

Limit in close companies (9.6 iba resp 10 iba) SEK 618,240

The first amount refers to 2019, the second amount refers to 2018 ().

Standard rate 2020

Limit for salary-based dividends 2019 (9.6 income base amounts (iba) respective 10 iba): minimum SEK 618,240

Dividend: SEK 171,875 kr 
Gifts, max twice/employee including when post ends: SEK 15,000 

Renting out of housing: standard allowance raised to SEK 40,000 

Driver’s log

To avoid taxation of benefits on fuel a driver’s log is required to show how many kilometres are driven for business, in any other case the entire fuel cost x 1.2 is taxed as a benefit.

Simplified rules for cross-border invoices

The currency of choice may be used but if Swedish VAT is to be paid then it must be entered in EUR or SEK, at the latest average rate of exchange, as per the invoice date.
Which country’s invoicing rules apply?
Rule of thumb: The invoicing rules of territoriality apply.

Auditor or not?

Small limited liability companies are no longer required to hire an auditor.
Remember that registration must be completed by the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) before the end of the financial year.
Information & links

You can find important figures and percentage rates for the 2018 income year by pressing the links above.
Final tax – money back or more to pay?
Payment limit for your tax account
Form to register a bank account for repayment of tax

Lower corporation tax

Corporation tax at 22%.
As of 2019-01-01 it's at 21.4%.

Deductions of VAT

Amounts exceeding SEK 4,000 must have an invoice specifying VAT to be valid for deduction.


A sole trader may not make a deduction for exercise. If there are employees in the company it is acceptable to make deductions for these.


If the cost of equipment excluding VAT is less than SEK 23,250 it can be written off directly.

Reverse charge building services VAT

From 1st January 2013 enter only the text “reverse charge liability” on the customer invoice.


The text “the company holds F-tax” on customer invoices should be changed to “approved for F-tax” from and including 1st January 2012.